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Ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Honest. Unbiased. Content Driven.

There are thousands of online companies promising great SEO & that fabled top spot on Google. But at Giraffe we're not about hollow promises. We use evidence-based techniques to help your website play nice with the top search engines and social media platforms.

There are many steps we can take to ensure you're getting the best SEO possible for your business. But none are more important than great copy & content. If your website is offering focused and engaging content to your users, then it's also likely you're letting Google, Bing & Yahoo know exactly what your business is all about too.

At Giraffe we will create great content & copy for your website that's targeted to your industry, client-base & specific business goals. We offer professional copywriting by:

  • Researching your industry & competitors;
  • Conducting surveys with your existing client-base or prospective customers;
  • Creating a 'voice' for your business (i.e professional, friendly, assertive, etc.);
  • Providing semantic copy with correct heading levels;
  • Defining 'keywords' to be used correctly within the copy as well as keyword similes;

Regularly updated websites are usually rewarded by search engines. We can provide regularly written content or months worth of content written and edited up front (blog posts, news items, new products, etc.). Good accessibility also leads to good SEO. Read more about how we can help you meet web accessibility requirements.

Our Ethical SEO work is all done in Canberra, Australia nothing is outsourced.

A Tweak Here
A Conversion There

All Giraffe-built websites including basic SEO but we can audit and improve your existing website.

Creating search-friendly sites is no longer about including certain buzz-worthy 'keywords' or filling the page with irrelevant tagged images. Giraffe can systematically go through you existing sites and pick up any missed opportunities to improve your website SEO. It could be as simple as not cross-linking your website pages or overwriting a machine-generated 'snippet' that doesn't actually tell users or search engines what your business and services are actually about.

A few tweaks & changes to your existing backend could lead to increased traffic & conversions.

Get Social

If you're not across social media then you're not achieving your SEO potential.

The entire internet revolves around social media. By creating high quality content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and linking it with your website you're increasing the exposure of your business exponentially. At Giraffe we want to make sure your business succeeds. We offer several social media services including:

  • Campaigns and strategy;
  • Facebook business setup and customisation;
  • Google My Business listing and customisation;
  • Training in several platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more;
  • Copywriting for posts & tweets (it's harder than you might think!);
  • Additional business listings across platforms including True Local, HotFrog, TripAdvisor and more.
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